Our Protected Coast Coalition

A broad-based group of good stewards and neighbors, from fishermen to farmers, in support of local control (scroll down for more information...)

Our Protected Coast CoalitionOur Protected Coast Coalition (OPCC) recently formed after concerned citizens decided to concentrate their efforts and oppose a proposed National Marine Sanctuary that would encompass the coastline of San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties. The coalition is comprised of multi-generational fishermen, farmers, and ranchers, small businesses, and locals who believe a sanctuary plan is a bad idea for the Central Coast.

This website and the supporting documents provided on the pages here are meant to further the discussion about current protections in place and issues facing sanctuary programs that are already operating.

Our Local Voice

The Central Coast waterways do not need to add another layer of federal oversight and interaction to those exhaustive local, state and federal regulations that are already in place to protect our coastline and cultural heritage. A National Marine Sanctuary (NMS) nomination off our coast will threaten to diminish our local voice just as it has in the Monterey Bay. The adding of sanctuary status would significantly disrupt local ocean-based industries and make activities such as harbor dredging much more costly and lengthy and likely affect fishing grounds.

Outstanding Examples of Stewardship

Our coastal community members have taken and continue to take special care with their ocean including supporting the many efforts of the National Estuary Program, participating in beach clean-ups, adherence to stringent pesticide and herbicide regulations, fishing gear adaptation, and voluntary water testing in aquaculture, as well as many others.

How Can You Help?

The preservation of our beautiful coastline and culture is in everyone’s best interest. Just like Monterey Bay, our local leaders will have little say in how a sanctuary along our coast will be managed. For that and many other reasons, the OPCC will work together with local community groups, industry leaders, and elected officials to oppose the sanctuary designation and keep our voice local.
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